Bartłomiej Milewski

Juggling is my passion since high school, and for the last ten years I’m training every day to become a better juggler.

My specialization is Diabolo (Chinese yoyo)  – a juggling tool, that origins from China’s  It is an hourglass-shaped toy with two poles connected by a thin line.

I first met diabolo at a beach in Croatia. I quickly bought my own and I’m constantly improving my skills. I am a self-taught juggler and thanks to hard training I was able to perform on various stages, starting from street performance, through TV and even in a Circus. My two most memorable performances were at Dorsten Circus in Germany and ad TedxSGH event in Poland. Apart from diabolo i also practice classic juggling (balls, clubs, rings), fire dance, yoyo and jumprope manipulation. I also run workshop on diabolo addressed to adults as well as kids.

What do I offer?

Show for Events, circus workshops with diabolo